When was the last time that you received a gift from anyone?

All of us have given and received gifts at least once in our lives. If you are
someone who does not receive many gifts that often, then you know how
special you feel on receiving a gift. A gift can be anything given with no
expectations. It is accepted as a way of expression. Expression of love, gratitude,
happiness and appreciation. In fact, the role of gifts in building healthy and
strong relationships is inevitable.

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People put in many efforts to find the right gift for their loved ones. The most
interesting thing to do is to buy something that your dear one is in need of.
Something that they have mentioned in the past conversations. Some arrange a
surprise event for gifting. Many even use games such as treasure hunt to reveal
their gifts.

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Gifting children is very different from gifting adults. It is always fun to gift kids as
they do not tend to judge you and will never think of returning one to you, just
because you gave them one. In contrary, they will love you more and express a
lot of excitement, which is often overwhelming to receive.

An interesting and engaging gift would do great benefits for kids. This will also
help to sustain their interest. Gifting always help children in their development.
Their emotional and social skill development. Gifting is a great way to improve
your child’s reading and writing skills too. No child will resist a good story book
or journal – with their favourite character on it, served in a well wrapped

It is also important to let the child know the importance of gifting as you do it
for them. Encourage them to make handmade gifts such as greeting cards,
paper bouquets, a painting etc., for their teachers, friends, parents or relatives.
Tell them how special the receiver feels when it is handmade with love. You can
also try out the idea of customising a gift box with the things picked up by your
kid or your kid’s favourite items.

All said and done, gifts are to be considered valuable for how special they are
and not for their price tags. All that matters is the love and effort that someone
spared to get you one. So, never stop gifting and making your loved ones smile.

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