What makes unicorns likeable

Unicorns! Do they really exist?

The answer depends on who is asking. If it’s a little girl – I bet you can’t say “no”. Even if you succeed in saying “no”, I assure you that you won’t be heard, in contrary, will have to face the consequences of shattering a young girl’s fantasy. Yes, Unicorns are extremely likeable. It is a hit among children. Especially, young girls. There is nothing that you cannot solve with a Unicorn gift.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Unicorns that you can share with your kid (Disclaimer – Share at your own risk, as you can either get killed or overpowered with more facts. So, take it slow and keep it low.).

• Unicorn is a mythological animal. They do not exist in real.

• The idea of Unicorn’s pretty colours such as purple, white, blue and a multicoloured horn was derived from the descriptions of a Greek historian.

• Unicorns can be of any colour and the one with wings are called as Pegasi.

• They are extremely scared of Labradors- the dogs.

• Stories say that they used to live deep inside the forests of Asia.

• To make it more real, they were told to be seen in UK during 2014.

• And finally, girls can kill for Unicorns. LOL!

Jokes apart, girls’ love for unicorn is considered good, as it can help them dream and believe. It drives them to believe in magic. Which as they grow up, realises that the magic lies in themselves and they have the power to make their dreams come true. You get everything from unicorn themed pencils to journals. Pretty Buggy also has a good variety of unicorn themed items that can be a perfect gift for your kid. Come visit our store and get that special one for your kid.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it – Unknown

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