Craft your way to a healthy mind

Crafting is a great way to reduce mental stress, promote relaxation and boost happiness. Many studies show that engaging in crafting has helped people in forgetting their pessimistic self and achieving an optimistic one. The amount of attention required to do crafts has the ability to engage your brain in a much creative and productive realm. In fact, it is even used as a mode of therapy. Crafting can help you in improving your attention span, visual spatial orientation, memory, creative skills, problem-solving skills and many more. Let’s discuss few misconceptions that often stops one from crafting.

You need to be creative to craft.

Not really. Anyone can craft, if they have the willingness to let go for a while and get started by self.

It is expensive.

You can start crafting, even with an old used bottle or a piece of paper at your home. Not only that it isn’t expensive, but also helps to turn trash to beauty. However, high quality crafting materials might cost you some money, but you can also find affordable items at Pretty Buggy if you are a beginner.

Craft is for Children

Crafting is for everyone. Even though, children seem to enjoy crafting more as a part of their age-appropriate activities at school and home, adults enjoy crafting too. When crafting can help children in their developmental stages, it can help adults in maintaining their mental wellness on a day-to-day basis. Many find crafting as a business option too

It is tiring and time consuming

Crafting also demands your time and effort like any other activity of your daily life. But it does not cause wastage of time. Different people have different interests and so is the love for craft. It can never be forced upon. You can always start with a five-minute craft and see if you like doing it. If it is interesting enough for you, you will never find it to be tiring.

Crafting is creating. And creativity does not have limits. There could have been multiple instances where you walked into an art gallery and encountered a canvas with just a dot or a stroke. I can read you mind now! But its art. It is creativity. And the best part about creativity is that, it is subjective. It can mean different things to different people. That single dot on the canvas might remind you of a full stop but someone else might connect to it on an emotional level like, the state of his life. All you have to do is not to judge yourself and to have trust in the process.


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