Never have I ever had a Journal!

Have you ever tried Journal writing?! If yes, you know how great a practice it is and if not, its high time that you start it. The process of journal writing offers you an opportunity to write about your feelings, opinions, emotions or on anything of your choice. It is purely writing – with no barriers. Not just that a journal can be your let out space, but also one among the most effective ways to improve your writing skills. You can go as creative and imaginative as you want. It is also a great way to maintain your mental wellness. And, the best part of the whole process is that “YOU DO YOU”.

How to start?

Pick a journal of your choice. One that catches your attention and affection at first sight. May be the one with your favourite colour or the one that looks pretty or one that suits your personality or the one with better organisers or one with textured papers, your options are endless. You can find a good variety of options at our store too.

Call it by a name.

Want to feel more closer to your journal? If so, give it a name. Any name of your choice. Calling your journal by a name would help in personifying it as well.

What to write about?

If this is the question that passes your mind every time you think about journal writing, then here is your answer. Anything and everything that comes to your mind. It can be as simple as how great was your cup of coffee today morning or what is your current mood or how you feel about seeing a new flower in your garden and so on. Did u know, that you can share any secret of your life with your journal! Not only that it won’t judge you, but also will keep your secret safe. In fact, nothing more trustable than your journal.

How to make it interesting?

Journal writing is a rule-less game. Hence, there is no such compulsion that you should only write it out. You can absolutely go crazy with your journal. You can draw, paint, stick pictures, clip photographs, safe keep souvenirs and so on to make your journal more personal and affectionate. Anyone can own a journal irrespective of their age and gender. Come visit us and find your special one.

“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” – Anne Frank

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